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    Chili Powder Processing Machinery

    How to Process Chili Powder -by BCH series Mill

    (Before making inquiry to us , kindly to read the following information more carefully, which can save time for both of us)


    Flow Chart
    Chili dryer → Chili feeding → chili dry washer → chili feeding →chili crusher→ pneumatic lift→ transfer silo→ Chili feeding → roller mill→ powder collect → packing machine
    Brief Instruction:
    BCH model single mill can produce 200kg chili powder per hour for 50 meshes. There are series of chili powder grinding line with different capacities. The final chili powder product can reach to 30 - 100 mesh (finess). As per different outputs & meshes request from customer, BCH chili grinding lines can assemble flexibly based on customers’ detail requirement.
    Application range:
    BCH model chili pepper mill is specially designed for processing spices. It is widely applied to dehydrated chili, ginger, garlic, Chinese pepper, coriander, henna etc.  
    Special Features for BCH MILLS
    1st, this chili milling machine is Chinese patent product; it has the high milling efficiency with lower power consumption, which can grind the pepper into 30 meshes to 80 meshes (finess). This chili milling machine is different from other general milling machine, it’s specially designed for grinding into chili powder with four rollers instead of two rollers.  So in the same power consumption circumstances, its output is 2 times more than other general mill machine.
    2nd,timing Belt Drive special design without lubricating oil, which has wonderful mute effect & more stable performance,  and no pollutions to the processing material.
    3rd, BCH model mill utilizes round sieve design, which has 2 times dimension than other general sieve. It is has perfect performance, not easy to be blocked, even if there is slightly blockage, the blockage can be cleared up while running.
    4th, the sieve cloth and sieve frame assemble together, which saves much time to change the sieve cloth. So it is convenient for customer to produce different meshes powder.
    5th, BCH mill is high degree of automation, low running cost, and labor saving.
    6th, standard barometer design has digital control to the rollers' gap, which protect the rollers effectively, and increase the powder output simultaneously.
    7th, the BCH type grinder is dust free working machine. For it utilizes the auger to carry the material to avoid the chili powder run out to the air; It also adopts close dust filter beside the cyclone pneumatic lift to ensure its dust free working. (The close dust filter discharge mouth can be installed to the outer space, and then the working room will stay dust-free.)
    Work Theories and Usage:
    The 2 pairs of rollers will press and shear to the raw materials, which will get to the final powder goal. The materials discharged from the rollers will enter to the prolonged cylinder to sift. The qualified mesh powder will be packed, and the unqualified powder will be sent to the roller again by the auger automatically.  
    Installed the mill body (inlays 2 pair of rollers) on the bottom case, and then put the transparent hopper on the top. Fix the cone hopper under the bottom of the mill body, and then connect the pipe and cyclone. Put the wind stopping device under the cyclone, the under month of the wind stopping device will connect with the inlet of the cylinder sieve. Then put the cylinder sieve connect with the auger cone hoper, and put the auger upper hopper connect with the cone hopper.
    Components:Bottom Case/Mill body/Hopper/Cyclone & pipe/Cylinder/ Round sieve/Motor
    Preventive Maintenance:
    Keep hands out off the rollers.
    The rollers are not allowed to contact directly.
    Overloaded running prohibited. 
    If there were too low powder yield, please check if the cylinder sieve were blocked or not. You can use the brushes to clear if the sieve was blocked.
    Before you inquiry to us, kindly let us know what's your output and mesh request , also your side voltage to us is also highly appreciated.
    If you don't like to inquiry to us by the folloing blank, you can contact us directly the following email Thanks for your visite to us, Nice Day !


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