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    How to Remove Corn Husks

    Corn with husks

    Are you in a situation where you have to prepare corn for yourself or someone else and you don't know how to remove the green husks and the hairy like silk efficiently? These instructions will help you quickly prepare corn for cooking.
    Difficulty: Easy
    Things You'll Need:
    • Fresh corn from farm or supermarket
    • A large cooking pot 

    1. Grabbing any husk
    Grab any green leaves on the corn (the husk) as shown and pull it down until the end reaches the end of the cob. Grab the stem at the end of the cob and break off the stem along with that husk you just pulled.

    2. Separating husk and silk
    Take the silky hairs at the top of the corn and part (but not remove) the silk with both hands.

    3. Removing first half of silk and husk
    Grab one half of the silk and husks together and peel them off the corn. Grab as much of the silk as you can so that there will be less remaining.

    4. Removing remaining husk and silk
    Remove the remaining silk and husk the same way by grabbing and them together and peeling them off.

    5. Removing remaining silk
    Pick off any remaining silk still stuck on the corn with your hand. Do not worry about removing every hairy strand. They will not get stuck between your teeth. Eating (pfft) silk will not (pfft) harm you.

    6. Rinsing corn
    Rinse off the corn for good measure. It will clean the corn and help remove some remaining silk.

    7. Breaking corn in half
    You can split them in half for little kids or leave them intact.

    Boiling corn
    You can cook corn by microwave or grill. Boiling corn is typical and easy.

    Above mentioned is corn husk removing for cooking, but for harvest and removing lot of husks from maize , please see to our web to find corn husker/corn husk remover/corn husk shelling machine.

    Link: Alexa
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