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    Corn Grits Processing Plant

    Corn Grits Processing Production Plant

    Brief Instruction:

    The main equipment to produce corn grits including cleaning machine (to remove impurities, stone, and magnetic separation), tempering machine, Sheller, germ extract machine, crushing machine, grading machine and polishing machine.
    Corn& Maize features:
    20-25% is corn skin and germ; other 75%-80% are corn powder and corn grits
    When processing by the equipment, 10-20% corn grits can be removed, separate 4-8% corn germ, and 15-25% corn flour ,and 45-55 % gold powder or corn grits.
    Generally, small handling capacity 50TPD, corn skin and germ mixed together, if need to extract corn germ, need to add germ extractor.
    You can come to visit the corn grits, corn powder equipment, and additional equipment for corn porridge flakes, snack corn powder, corn oil, corn noodles.
    Corn Grits Handling Capacity:
     We offer 30MTPD, 50MTPD,100MTPD corn grits production line.
    General Type : 15MT,30MT,50MT,100MT two layors design, with 3mm steel plate
    High Quality Type: 30MT,50MT,100MT, two layors design, with 3mm steel plate
    Economic Type: 15MT,30MT,50MT,one layor
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