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    Capsicum Red Pigment

    Capsicum Red Pigment Turnkey Project

    Capsicum Red Pigment Instructions:
    On the base of the optimization of process flow,the orthogonal experiment was designed for the extraction process of capsanthin,
    with color value, overall yield and total energy consumption as indexes. And the optimum reactive condition of extracting process
    was determined: capsicum powder acetone=1(g)9(mL),the extraction time 180 min, temperature 90℃, overall yield 11.15%, average
    energy consumption 0.26 yuan/g. To enhance the color value, the elimination of capsaicin and removal of the esters consumption 0.26
    yuan/g. To enhance the color value, the elimination of capsaicin and removal of the esters in capsicum oleores in were also studied,
    and the results showed that the color value of the extract capsanthin could achieve 250-320.
    Capsicum red pigment, molecular formula C40H5603, is capsicum extracted from a four terpenoid natural pigment, containing capsicum
    red pigment ( capsanthin ), pepper Yu Hongsu ( capsonrubin ), maize yellow matter ( zeaxanthin ), beta carotene (carotenoid ),
    invisible hot matter (caprytocapsin), and its main components pepper and pepper pigment is jade, accounted for the total 50%-60% of
    red pigment from red pepper, the total content of general 0.2%-0.5%, of which about 95% contained in the mesocarp. Paprika red pigment
    for the appearance of deep red viscous oily liquid or deep carmine acicular crystal, melting point of 175 DEG C, easily soluble in
    acetone, ethyl acetate and other non polar organic solvent, insoluble in water and glycerol and other polar solvents.
    Capsicum red pigment, non-toxic, no side effect, has been classified as a category a who use pigment. At present, capsicum red
    pigment extraction methods of oil soluble method, solvent extraction, supercritical CO2 fluid extraction, ultrasonic solvent
    extraction, microwave extraction method and enzymatic extraction method. Industrial production mainly adopts the solvent extraction
    method, the extraction product level is low, with obvious spicy. In this experiment, by orthogonal design and the effect of
    traditional process of extraction conditions were optimized and improved, under the same conditions are high efficiency, low energy
    consumption, low cost and chili oil solution; while the use of antioxidant in addition to hot, saponification to ester method is the
    extraction of capsicum red pigment, color has greatly improved, almost no pungency, ideal effect.



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